Millermore Websites Benefit From Google Algorithm Updates

On May 20th, 2014 (7 days ago) it was reported that Google came out with multiple algorithm updates. Matt Cutts himself tweeted about the updates.

Matt later went on to add:

Whenever we hear about algorithm updates, we’re never quite sure of what to expect. To most SEOs, this is bad news. This is because most SEOs engage in black-hat strategies – the exact same strategies that Google kills with each update. The websites that used these strategies end up being penalized in Google SERPs, or even worse – deindexed.

The latest updates – Panda 4.0 and Payday Loan 2.0 – seem to have affected spammy queries. Since we hate spam and simply do not partake in spamming, our clients have nothing to worry about. And don’t take my word for it – let’s look at some evidence to prove my claims.

Let’s take a look at some Analytics data for one of our current clients. Here we have overall traffic over the past month:


You will notice that on May 20th, the same day Matt Cutts announced the latest updates, we received our highest amount of traffic over the past month. That traffic boost stayed up as well, as our traffic is up ~20% over the past week.

And no, we didn’t turn on Adwords or launch any campaigns on May 20th to make it look like there was change. In fact, the boost in traffic came from all organic traffic! Here is the same chart over the same period of time for the same website – except this is only showing the organic traffic. Notice on May 20th we had a dramatic spike in organic traffic. The proof is right there. What we do works and it’s 100% safe because we are doing exactly what Google wants us to do.

Trenton MillerComment