How To Enable AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) On Your SquareSpace Website

On August 2nd, 2016 SquareSpace announced that they are now supporting AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages). This comes on the heels of Google adding AMPs directly into Google Search.

While SquareSpace is now supporting AMP, it's not enabled by default. Luckily for us, enabling it is super-easy.

Start by logging into your SquareSpace website as you normally would. Navigate your way to Settings > Blogging. The last setting needs to be checked in order to enable AMP on your blog. The last setting looks like this:


After you check the box, go back to the Settings screen, then jump back into Settings > Blogging to verify that checking the box saved for you. If so, you're all set! Now, websites like Facebook and Google will be able to deliver AMPs to your audience.